Reach More Students

with TeachersConnect “Grab and Grow” Courses

TeachersConnect “Grab and Grow” is a new online platform where teachers take courses designed and vetted by other experienced teachers. After all, at the moment, teachers are the only ones with real experience with the sudden switch to online instruction.

Say “Adios” to the same old PD

“My Time is Precious”

“No fluff, 10 – 30 minutes works for me”

“Show Me How”

“I need it tomorrow – and please include hand-outs and lesson plans”

“$5 to $15 is Doable”

“Show me a free preview, ratings, and reviews”

“No Consultants”

“I learn better from teachers”

Additional Features

High-impact topics like Anti-racism, PBL and SEL.

Free course previews to help determine suitability.

Supporting hand-outs and lesson plans also provided.

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