Teaching Current Events in Your Middle School Classroom

This course is for you if you teach current events but you’re not sure:

  1. How to incorporate them authentically
  2. Where to find an unbiased news source
  3. How to get students undeniably engaged with the material

Krista gives step-by-step instructions and hands-on resources you and your students can start using right away.

  • For those who want to do a deep dive into media literacy and examining biases in news outlets, Krista describes how to motivate students to detect bias and uncover the truth.
  • For those who just want their students exposed to daily news and happenings around the world, this resource is the perfect daily dose of current events.

All enrollees in this course get a FREEBIE from Krista’s Teachers Pay Teacher’s store that accompanies this lesson and a link to sign up for the current events newsletter that will jump start your instruction and up the engagement of your students. You can find them in the “Additional Materials” section of the course.


About the Instructor:

Krista Barbour is the creator of a whimsical and rigorous middle school English classroom in Lawrence, KS. Engaging kids in authentic learning experiences is her jam! Her work in the classroom over the past 13 years has involved visiting retirement communities so students can write narrative nonfiction after interviewing residents, motivating students to write 18,000 word novels in 30 days (for real!), and incorporating food trucks into a rigorous analysis of short stories.  Having taught in both public and private schools, Krista is prepared to share all the tips and tricks necessary to create a classroom where all students are pushed to find joy and pride in their English studies. She is committed to making middle school not the worst place ever.

You can find her musings about middle school on her Whimsy and Rigor blog, follow classroom adventures on Instagram @whimsyandrigor, and tune into weekly tips on her YouTube channel.


The Problem

Krista addresses the struggles of incorporating current events into your class.

The Solution

Krista introduces the solution: The DONUT.


The Recipe

Krista details how exactly you can use the DONUT in your classroom everyday.


Taking yourself and your students for a deep dive in digital literacy.


Wrap up

Closing remarks and introducing additional materials.

Additional Materials

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