Using Technology To Turn Novels Into Movies

Using Technology To Turn Novels Into Movies is a way to both deeply engage students in their assigned literature, while also providing an enjoyable and meaningful way to use technology in your classroom.
It is designed both for those teachers who feel their students may be more technologically savvy than themselves, and also for those tech-y teachers looking for a new way to use their skills.  This course will help you to integrate technology mindfully into your curriculum.  It can be the cornerstone of your literacy program with the added element of creating a group project your students will be proud of. 

Leveraging your students’ technological skills to tap into their creativity

The program starts with ensuring your learners’ varied reading abilities are respected by having different novel sets aligned with each groups’ appropriate level.  It ends with a movie premiere featuring movies that have been written, filmed & edited by the groups which parents and staff are invited to.  This course will have worksheets available to download for the novel reading portion of the program, and detailed explanations for how to use iMovie for the film-making portion. In addition, you’ll see samples of student work and clips of students in action as they discuss the literature and craft their movies. Note: The families of all students who appear have provided permission. 

Meet Your Instructor – Jeff Lynch

In his almost 15 years teaching, Jeff has taught students from 1st grade to 7th grade.  Jeff has his Masters degree in Education Technology & Learning Design; his final project was researching the best method of getting his inner-city student’s reading levels to improve using technology.  He is excited to share his knowledge and experience regarding his proven teaching methods around the use of technology in the classroom.  When mindfully incorporated, technology can enhance a young reader’s experience with literature tremendously.



Jeff introduces the problems that this course will help you tackle.


Jeff introduces the solution: turning books into movies

Implementation Process


Jeff details how you should implement the solution to your own classroom.


Jeff shares with you the expected outcome of implementing this solution to your classroom.

Tips and Pitfalls

Jeff delves into tips and tricks that would help you implement the strategy more effectively as well as pitfalls you should look out for and avoid.

Supplementary Information


Jeff guides you through the additional materials that's included at the end of the course.

Call to Action

Now it's your turn to help your students turn books into movies!

Additional Materials

Additional materials that will help you implement the strategy in your classroom.

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